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My Name is Leo Machuchál.

I am super on 117 street in El Barrio...

I get tire of all the bullshit, so I run for President.

The dogs like my posters. They like Hillary’s too.

Hillary get mad! She put sugar in my gas tank, and make me look stupid in the paper.

But killing my bus was a good thing, because it awaken our spirit.

I help this spirit along with a few Coronas…

And bingo, half my compañeros are screaming,

the other half push the bus at 5 mph!

Nothing can stop me.

Nothing can fool me.

I graduated from UCLA…the University of the Corner of Lexington Avenue!

So I know there are lies…damn lies…and then there’s statistics.

Speaking of lies, I support President Bush.

He is like Cantínflas in a class by himself

But no one has cojones!

So when I win, you can call me President Cojones.

Here is my first speech:

I no pay taxes for thirty years, and as President I do the same for you.

For a real change, Vote for Leo in November 2008.

I am your candidate.

I am the Puerto Rican Guy, running for President of the United States.

Puerto Rican Guy.

PS: Please send any comments or ideas for my campaign!

Just click on the word “comments”

On the bottom of this page,

Log in and let me know

No idea is too stupid,

only George Bush.

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