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The Taj Maharlem


NEW YORK CITY, NY  -  Leo Machuchal is in trouble with his local community board. 

After spending his life savings to create the hottest night club in Upper Manhattan, the good people of Harlem are trying to kick him out. 

Known as The Taj Maharlem, Leo’s night club on west 141st street has the hottest parties and the finest women in all of New York City.


The Taj Maharlem

Unfortunately not everyone is invited to Leo’s private parties…and that is where the trouble begins. 

“I am outraged at the women who walk into that building,” said David Givens, the Chairman of Community Board #11. “I am also insulted that I have not been invited.”

A female guest at the Taj Maharlem

According to Givens, the local police are on Leo’s payroll and therefore useless. “Whenever we make a noise complaint, the 28th Precinct runs over and busts the people who made the complaint,” said Chairman Givens.


They arrest the block

We demand an investigation of this. It’s hard out here for a pimp, and Leo has not violated any laws. 

We also demand an invitation to Leo’s next party.


Puerto Rican Guy

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  Leo’s Christmas Special


Leo Machuchal is in the Christmas spirit. 

Even before Thanksgiving, he is already delivering gifts all over Puerto Rico.


Leo loves everybody

As a special bonus to every woman under the age of 30, Leo is also leaving the following.



Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo the Honest Lawyer


TOPEKA, KANSAS  -  Leo Machuchal opened the only honest law firm in America. 

He put up signs all over Kansas, announcing the honesty and fairness of his firm.


In six months, Leo has not gotten a single client. 

It seems that everyone wants a thieving, dishonest lawyer…so long as he’s doing it for them. 

Perhaps Leo should get out of Kansas.


Puerto Rican Guy

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Puerto Rican Guy Solves Every


State and Federal Deficit in the




NEW YORK CITY, NY  -  Leo Machuchal has saved the U.S. economy. 

With his new economic model, the Pedro Paramo Backward Bending Consumption Curve, he has eliminated our federal debt and plugged the deficit of every state and municipality in America.


The Pedro Paramo backward bending consumption curve

So profound is Leo’s solution, that 12 states have already placed him on the ballot for 2010.

 That’s right…as of this moment, and by popular demand, Leo Machuchal is running for governor in 12 different states.


Leo loves everybody

Vote for Leo. 


Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo Hides in Disneyland


 ORLANDO, FL  -  Last week, Leo Machuchal lost a disgraceful boxing match to Manny Pacquiao.   

Everyone in Leo’s hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico was embarrassed.


Manny Pacquiao knocks out Leo

Instead of facing his fans, Leo was last seen on Interstate 257. 

He is headed for Disneyland disguised as a Tunnel of Love.


We hope Leo returns to his fans, because we still love him.


Puerto Rican Guy

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