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Leo Machuchal, Esq.


CAGUAS, PR –  Leo Machuchal has started a law practice.

He specializes in divorce law, because he’s been married eight times.

“I know all the woman tricks,” says Leo in his Yellow Pages ad.

Leo also planted an enormous sign, right in front of St. Jude’s Church.

So far, Leo has tried only one case…but he is already famous for his unique courtroom strategy.

We wish Leo success in his new profession.  

Puerto Rican Guy 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Census Bureau wants YOU.

Well, not really.

They announced a straight headcount, rather than statistical sampling, on the same week that Pres. Obama announced the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.

Through this means, every Latino neighborhood in the U.S. lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the next ten years.

They got away with it, because everyone was following the bouncing Sonia.

But enough about politics.

The census bureau will soon knock on your door with a clipboard in their hand, and a smile to light up your living room.

Friendly census takers in Texas

Please welcome them into your home, and answer all their questions.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Hyperinflation (?)


CAGUAS, PR – Leo is beginning to buy gold.

With the crash of a plane into a Texas IRS building, Leo says that “things are going to get very funny, very soon.”

Leo’s children have emptied their trust funds.

Leo’s kids play with their money

Leo’s uncle, Mr. Toño Bicicleta, is the richest banker in Guayama. 

Toño wheeled all his money over to his girlfriend’s house.

Something strange is happening in America. 

These are very scary times. 

Puerto Rican Guy

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Avatar Politics


CAGUAS, PR – With the suicide flight into a Texas IRS building, Leo Machuchal urges all our politicians to be extra-cautious.

“They should never appear in public,” says Leo, “cause someone will just shoot them.”

Instead Leo suggests a new Avatar Politics – where a surrogate meets all the people, and does all your campaigning for you.

For a low-budget campaign you can just send out a banner, and let everyone cheer for it.


With all due respect to Leo, this is exactly how are political system has run for the past 30 years. 

Leo needs to be more original. 

Puerto Rican Guy

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Joe Stack Copycat


PALM BEACH, FL – A shocking copycat re-creation of Joe Stack’s suicide flight into a Texas IRS office, has occurred in downtown Palm Beach.

Leo Machuchal flew his single-engine Cessna into a Burger King that served him an old Whopper.

Leo drops in on Burger King

Mr. Machuchal is now at large, somewhere in Calle Ocho.

Puerto Rican Guy

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