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Obama Visits Kindergarten To Read Class 200-Page Memorandum On Health Care


MIAMI, FL — As part of a new program designed to encourage reading, President Barack Obama visited a kindergarten class Monday to read the schoolchildren a 200-page memorandum on health care reform.

Pres. Obama reads his 200-page memorandum

“All right, part one, subsection A,” the president began as the assembled students fidgeted on their carpet squares.

Obama explains his health plan

“Can everyone see this diagram here on page two showing projected excise taxes on high-cost insurance over a 10-year period?”

Confused by the Obama plan

Sources said several of the children, while supporting the plan in principle, remained unsure how the tax base would be able to support the full scope of Obama’s proposed measure.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Kay Palacios – the REAL First Dominican


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ – Some interesting research has just been completed.

According to the Institute for Latino Studies, the first Dominican elected official in the history of the United States was Councilwoman Kay Palacios of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

She was elected before Guillermo Linares or anyone else.

From left, seated are councilwoman Diane Sank (R), the Mayor, Councilwoman Kay Palacios (D). Standing. Left to right, are Councilmen John Murphy (D), Roger Wasik (R), Angelo Mungioli (R), and Harold Austin (D).Paterson, NJ. (Source: Bergen Record).

Here is the link to the research that proves it:

Our congratulations to the Hon. Kay Palacios…the true Dominican pioneer, whom history ignored for nearly 20 years. 

She deserves great honor and recognition.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Judge Leo


WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY – Leo Machuchal has been appointed as a Federal judge, in the Southern District of New York.

His first case involved three thieving politicians from Washington Heights, who have been stealing from people for the last twenty years.

One of them is already in jail.

Leo banged his gavel on all of them.

“P’al carajo!” he said, and sent them all where they belong.



Puerto Rican Guy

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 The Twilight Zone of Government


ALBANY, NY – Leo Machuchal had a horrifying experience in Albany.

He visited the state capitol building and walked into the State Assembly chamber.

There were no Assembly Members there.

The seats were all empty, but a big computer was voting for all of them.

Bill after bill was introduced by the computer.

A budget of $132 billion was presented by the computer.

The computer voted on everything.

Leo ran out of the Assembly chamber in sheer terror.

They call this “empty chair voting” in Albany, New York. 

Leo calls it one…great…big…scam.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo’s Income Tax Tips Part IV


Leo has never been audited. 

His uncle Papo Bullshit is audited every year. 

But Papo has a simple technique, that has concluded every tax audit quickly and successfully. 

For the past 57 years, Papo welcomes the tax man graciously into his home. 

He serves them a home-made piragua.

Then he says “say hello to my little friend.”

Papo has not paid any takes since 1953.

Puerto Rican Guy

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