Padre Alberto Cutié



MIAMI, FL – The scandal surrounding Padre Alberto Cutié has just gotten worse.

Cutié became a Catholic priest in 1995.

He was on TV within four years, in 1999, with the show Padre Alberto.

He is the first Catholic priest to host a secular talk show on both radio and television.

He is a syndicated columnist in newspapers throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

As of 2002 Cutié hosts another weekly talk program, Hablando Claro con el Padre Alberto, which reaches millions of households through EWTN en Español.

He is also a best-selling author:


There’s a lot of money behind Padre Alberto.

But last week, he got caught kissing a girl on Miami Beach.

He might not be a Padre much longer.

A Gay Scandal


According to yesterday’s Miami Herald (May 11, 2009), the scandal is much deeper.

The Herald has discovered that Padre Cutié is gay.

Padre Cutié is Gay!


In a desperate attempt to cover this up, TV Notas was paid $500,000 by Cutie’s TV and radio agents, to show him playing with a fake “girl friend.”

Next week, TV Notas will show Padre Cutié having sex with two women, on the same magazine cover.



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