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El Nico is Al Pacino


LOS ANGELES, CA  – In a stunning development, producers of the re-make of Dog Day Afternoon today announced that El Nico will not play himself.

He will play the part of Al Pacino, and will scream “Attica!” if police try to arrest him.


Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo Frightens Al Pacino


MALIBU, CA  -  Leo Machuchal has proven the existence of the human soul. 

His out-of-body experiences have been well-documented, and are the basis for an upcoming TV reality show.


Leo Machuchal leaving his body

Last week, at a star-studded Malibu Beach party, Leo went out-of-body again. 

He proved the existence of the human soul but he also frightened Al Pacino.


Now nobody in Hollywood will invite Leo to their party, or even their house. 

We think this is very unfair.     


Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo is Lost in Caguas


With the FBI chasing him, Leo went to Orlando this weekend where they showed his life story Vote For Me!


He went incognito but was recognized by Al Pacino, who is a very spiritual man with extremely sensitive psychic powers. 

Al was a bit disturbed by Leo’s spiritual vibration.


The FBI closed in fast, but Leo psycho-jumped to his hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico, and stayed one step ahead of them. 

He was last seen near the flower clock in the Caguas Town Park.


As a loyal reader, you know the FBI is lying.

 Leo did not rob any banks, he never sold any bolita numbers, and he does not owe any child support to Wanda del Rajo.


Puerto Rican Guy

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