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El Pelo de Nico


MIAMI, FL  – A clue has finally turned up in the manhunt for El Nico, who has robbed eleven banks in three weeks in the Palm Beach area of Miami, Florida.

According to Pedro Paramo, Chief of Detectives for Miami Dade County, “the man loves only two things. Money and his hair.”

Sources have told Paramo that El Nico gets his hair done, on the morning of every robbery. “We interviewed every beautician in Palm Beach,” said Paramo, “and we have a few leads.”

El Nico and his hair

Miami Dade police refused to release any further information.

Puerto Rican Guy

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District 19


The FBI and NASA are looking for Leo Machuchal again. 

For the past two months, an alien ship has been hovering over Las Vegas. 

The Obama administration has kept this secret, in order not to alarm the U.S. population or dampen their enjoyment of Labor Day Specials.

Alien ship over Las Vegas

However, two tireless detectives studied the ship and the mountainous area beneath them. 

This area is known as District 19.

Two tireless detectives

Something funny is happening in District 19.

Using its lasers, the alien ship turned District 19 into a giant etch-a-sketch.

They burned an image into the San Andreas mountain range, and are beaming it to an undisclosed galaxy.


District 19 as seen from outer space   

Once again, Leo Machuchal is the subject of a nationwide manhunt.

Once again, Leo didn’t do it.

Please stay tuned for breaking news.


Puerto Rican Guy

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