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Dog Day Afternoon (Part 2)


MIAMI, FL  – El Nico the bank robber has captured the imagination of Hollywood. Producer Martin Bregman negotiated personally with El Nico, who agreed to play himself in a re-make of Dog Day Afternoon.

According to the Hollywood Reporter “El Nico is no amateur. He negotiated for an upfront fee; a first dollar 20% gross deal to a breakeven of $50 million; performance bumps to $200 million; worldwide Xbox 720, DVD, sound track and merchandising rights; and other stuff we can’t understand.”

Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo Simabukuro


MAUI, HAWAII – Leo Shimabukuro is a ukelele player known for his complex finger work. His music combines elements of jazz, rock, and pop.

He is known as the Jose Feliciano of Hawaii.

The ukulele genius

Shimabukuro’s mother gave him a ukulele at age four, and he quickly took interest in it.

Shimabukuro’s ukulele

He released an instructional DVD called “Play Loud Ukulele” and also composed the music to the Japanese film Hula Girls.

In November of 2009, Leo Shimabukuru accompanied Bette Midler, in a rendition of the Beatles song In My Life, which is an international sensation.

Leo Machuchal has surfaced again. There is no end to this man’s genius.

Puerto Rican Guy

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The Case for Christ



A sad DVD is selling over the internet.

It claims that Christ never existed, and God is an invention.

Thus Spake Zarathustra

The evidence on the DVD is weak.

After watching it three times and using it to scoop poop, the Puerto Rican guy realized that…lo and behold…

It actually required more faith to be an atheist, than to believe in God!

The DVD was that underwhelming.

Now here is a real document, by the legal editor of The Chicago Tribune:

This one was deeply researched, fully annotated, and subjected to peer review.

There is also an excellent web site, with great study and verification of the historical Jesus:

Today is January 6. The day we honor the Three Kings.

As we launch into 2009 a bit of hope, and a little help from the guy upstairs, might be in order.


Puerto Rican Guy.

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Puerto Rican Guy



Sees Jesus


A “documentary” is circulating on the internet which claims that Jesus Christ never existed, and God is an invention.

This “documentary” has not been very successful.

In order to get someone so see it, the director gave away DVD copies to the first 1,001 people who declared themselves as atheists during The Blasphemy Challenge of 2006.

Well, you can throw away your free DVD’s.

The Puerto Rican guy stepped into his trusty time machine, and researched the matter himself.

Puerto Rican time machine

He played cards with the apostles, chopped wood for Jesus, and sat with all of them at the Last Supper.

The Puerto Rican believes in Jesus.

Moreover, he didn’t try to make money off his beliefs, by making a ridiculous “documentary” and selling it on Amazon.

If you wish to reconcile religion with science, then start studying the literature of near death exepriences.

Merry Christmas to each and every one of our readers.

And may God bless you, your family, and your dreams, in all the coming years.


Puerto Rican Guy. 

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