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 Leo on the Campaign Trail


WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NYC  – Leo Machuchal is back on the campaign trail in Washington Heights.

He can be seen everywhere in his little bus, yelling “vote for Leo!”

But Leo respects our privacy, and hates to intrude on it. For this reason his first bill will be the requirement of individual cell phone booths for everyone who uses a cell phone.

Leo talks on the subway

The voters don’t know what to make of it. 

But they sure love talking.

Puerto Rican Guy

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American Gigolo found in Brooklyn


BROOKLYN, NY  – The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office has arrested “J.L.”, the mysterious man who bankrupted twelve women in southern California over the past two years.

According to D.A. Charles Hynes “J.L., also known as American Gigolo and Jerry Lips, is extremely well-dressed and a prodigious lover.  Just like Porfirio Rubirosa, J.L. leaves a trail of bankrupt and broken-hearted women wherever he goes.”

J.L. leaves another woman

The gigolo was spotted in Bensonhurst by Dahonna Goodel, a professional drag queen from Chula Verde, Arizona. 

“I fell in love with the bastard,” said Ms. Goodel. 

Police chased him through La Guardia Airport, the Van Wyck Expressway, and finally caught him at Umberto’s Clam House, hiding behind the cannoli.

Puerto Rican Guy

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The Incredible Shrinking Candidate (Part II)


CAGUAS, PR – Last week Congressman Charles Rangel eliminated his greatest political opponent, Leo Machuchal. 

He did this by shrinking Leo to the size of a peanut…

Peanut Leo

Then a paramecium.

The current structure of Leo

No stranger to adversity, Leo called his girlfriend Raquel and turned it into a honeymoon. He built a Love Boat for two, and took her on a romantic cruise through Congressman Rangel’s blood stream.

Georgia O’Keefe Valentines

The rocking of the ship provided many amorous opportunities.

Foreplay with Raquel

They hit a bit of turbulence near the Congressman’s heart.

The Congressman’s cholesterol

Then a strange beast appeared out of nowhere.

Arterial chupacabra

No further word has been heard from the Love Boat.  

Please pray for Leo.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo Hides in Disneyland


 ORLANDO, FL  -  Last week, Leo Machuchal lost a disgraceful boxing match to Manny Pacquiao.   

Everyone in Leo’s hometown of Caguas, Puerto Rico was embarrassed.


Manny Pacquiao knocks out Leo

Instead of facing his fans, Leo was last seen on Interstate 257. 

He is headed for Disneyland disguised as a Tunnel of Love.


We hope Leo returns to his fans, because we still love him.


Puerto Rican Guy

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