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El Nico Makes a Withdrawal


MIAMI, FL  – A one-man crime wave is sweeping through Dade County.

A South American terrorist known as El Nico has hit seven banks in three weeks, robbing a total of 4 million dollars.             

His modus operandi is very simple.

He walks up to the branch manager and tells him to call his wife.

“Tell her you’ll be late for supper tonight, because I’m going to shoot your balls off.”

After the phone call, the branch manager is in a very cooperative mood.

The branch manager calls his wife

No further information is available about El Nico, and the Miami Dade police are unable to keep up with his Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR 1300.

El Nico makes his getaway

If you have any tips about the whereabouts of El Nico, or why he is robbing all these banks, please feel free to contact us.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Leo’s Income Tax Tips Part I


With April 15 around the corner, it’s time to plan your income tax strategy.

The IRS is in a grumpy mood this year, but there are still many ways to beat the tax man.

They are all legal, and Leo has used them successfully for the past 38 years.

In 1972, Leo developed a second career and deducted all his expenses.  

Leo’s second career

Then in 1981, to celebrate the Reagan era, Leo became a famous timbalero and deducted all his expenses again.

Oye coma va

In 1999 Leo led a revolution in Miami, and qualified for an IRS 501(c)(3) negative loss carryback.

No mas tax!

This year the government is desperate, and the IRS won’t tolerate any nonsense. 

So in 2010, Leo recommends the H.G. Wells strategy. 

Just make yourself scarce.

Tax me if you can, cabrón!

Stay tuned…Leo has many more tax tips for you.

Puerto Rican Guy

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