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El Nico is Al Pacino


LOS ANGELES, CA  – In a stunning development, producers of the re-make of Dog Day Afternoon today announced that El Nico will not play himself.

He will play the part of Al Pacino, and will scream “Attica!” if police try to arrest him.


Puerto Rican Guy

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The Leo Platform (Part 1)


WASHINGTON HEIGHTS  – Leo Machuchal promised a revolutionary platform for Washington Heights, and here it is. Today is the first day of Leo’s platform.

“There’s too much noise, and no one has the courage to anything about it,” said Leo, at the Washington Heights Democratic Club. “But that’s going to change right now.”

According to Leo, his first law will require that every cell phone user either:

a)    stop using it in public

b)   put a bag over their head, or

c)    wear a cell phone booth.

The cell phone booth

The cell phone booths will be sold and/or licensed exclusively through New York State and its various public utilities.

With 11 million cell phone users in New York State, Leo estimates over $2 billion in added revenue to New York State, every year, for the next 15 years.

Puerto Rican Guy

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El Machango


CAGUAS, PR  -  Leo Machuchal is getting tired of all the lies and hypocrisy that passes for “politics” and “government” in today’s world. 

He bought  a bar in Caguas, Puerto Rico called  El Machango, and is thinking of quitting politics altogether.


Leo serves the best at El Machango

On opening night at El Machango, Leo got a little high on his own supply. 

But he recovered immediately and is now all right.


Leo stands by his product

What do you think…should Leo forget about politics?


Puerto Rican Guy

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