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El Nico Makes a Withdrawal


MIAMI, FL  – A one-man crime wave is sweeping through Dade County.

A South American terrorist known as El Nico has hit seven banks in three weeks, robbing a total of 4 million dollars.             

His modus operandi is very simple.

He walks up to the branch manager and tells him to call his wife.

“Tell her you’ll be late for supper tonight, because I’m going to shoot your balls off.”

After the phone call, the branch manager is in a very cooperative mood.

The branch manager calls his wife

No further information is available about El Nico, and the Miami Dade police are unable to keep up with his Suzuki Hayabusa GSXR 1300.

El Nico makes his getaway

If you have any tips about the whereabouts of El Nico, or why he is robbing all these banks, please feel free to contact us.

Puerto Rican Guy

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Cotto vs. Leo


YANKEE STADIUM   –  Here is the fight we’ve all been waiting for.

Leo Machuchal lost a 12-round thriller to Miguel Cotto last year, but tonight is the grudge match.

“I’m going to go Rambo on him,” said Leo, “and then I’m going to go Antonio Margarito.”

The 12th round of their previous fight

Though Cotto is a  28-1  favorite, Leo has been training in the Isla del Carajo gym…the most rigorous and spartan gym in the world. 

Two world-class heavyweights have died in Isla Del Carajo, as a result of the brutal training methods employed by their staff.

The Isla del Carajo gym 

When asked his training regimen at Isla delCarajo, Leo said “they taught me how to kill my opponent.” 

Leo then refused further comment.  

Puerto Rican Guy  

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Orale George Lopez!


NEW YORK, NY  -  The first late-night Latino talk show premiered on TBS last week. 

Lopez Tonight had fabulous guests, great music and sharp comedy from the master himself.


Lopez Tonight averaged 1.7 million viewers overall on its ‘home base’ of TBS, and pulled in another 1.5 million on the other Turner-owned nets. 

Those numbers outperform the season averages for popular programs like Jay Leno, Conan, The Daily Show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. 

Congratulations to George Lopez, the new King of Comedy!


Puerto Rican Guy

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